The project “VOLUNTEU: Volunteering citizens as response to social COVID-19crisis”, in the framework of the objectives of the Citizens, Equality, Rights Values program (CERV), focuses on the promotion of the exchange of experiences and intercultural dialogue in Europe through the culture of volunteering.

VOLUNTEU intends to create a long-lasting cooperation network in the field of solidarity in times of crisis and youth volunteering as a civic and community response to the COVID-19 crisis. It involves young citizens of 8 different European towns, who are experiencing the Crisis in different ways. The young participants initiate solidarity and participative path where they analyze and debate about current EU challenging situations and the role they can play as European citizens.

VOLUNTEU targets youths from 8 different countries which are Spain, Romania, Portugal, Italy, Netherlands, Greece, Croatia, and Cyprus. They will participate in an exchange and learning path of 24 months and take part in 8 international events to improve their skills and their empowerment regarding youth volunteering for social issues as response to the COVID19 crisis.