The Pitching Battle

The most promising entrepreneurs were there!

The Pitching Battle, organized by Industry Disruptors – Game Changers, focused on promoting new and creative ideas, was a really vibrant and full of energy event.

On October 3rd, 2015, at Technopolis Ciyt of Athens, we were infused by creativity and innovative ideas of the most promising young entrepreneurs in Greece.

The Pitching Battle started lively with the teams that were distinguished on a previous level of the competitions Future Agro Challenge, Get in the Ring, Creative Business Cup and CleanTech Open Global Ideas, presenting in close groups their ideas in front of the judges, claiming a position among the finalists.

The “battle” started with the second round of ID-GC Founder Institute’s graduates, who inspired the audience with their pitches and rocked the national entrepreneurial scene.

The stage of The Pitching Battle got really on fire when the four international competitions’ finalists took over the scene and amazed the audience with their innovative and disruptive entrepreneurial ideas.

The companies that surprised the audience and won the vote of the judges were:

Ava’s Farm for Future Agro Challenge

Giaola@home for Get In The Ring

Spark Inspirations for Creative Business Cup

BIO2CHP for CleanTech Open Global Ideas

Glonatech for the Social Media Battle that was running on the Facebook page of ID-GC.

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