Startup Pitch Bootcamp

An Athens Founder Institute pitch building session that took place on January 28th at Romantso.

Top-notch speakers, such as Loukas Pilitsis, VC Investor, Fotis Draganidis, General Manager of the Microsoft Innovation Center Greece, Michalis Stangos and Carla Tanas, Directors of the Founder Institute and Co-Founders of Industry Disruptors – Game Changers, helped attendees build and improve their pitch and pitching skills. Speakers offered insight and advice on what are the components of a great pitch, how to communicate a business clearly to employees, customers, and investors as well as what are the most common mistakes to avoid. Participants also had the chance to practice and receive feedback in order to develop their pitch.

A networking session, took place over drinks after the Bootcamp, where future Founders met and discussed with the program’s Graduates, Directors and Mentors!

The event took place with the support of Romantso.

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