Marketing Sneak Peek

During ‘Marketing Sneak Peek’, which took place on February 2nd at the Cube, attendees got a taste of how the Founder Institute can provide them with a holistic approach on all key issues of building a company.

Dimitris Pefanis, Director of, provided great advice on how startups should approach the media, what constitutes a news story, what angle they should pursue and how to use social media to their advantage. John Doxaras, Founder of, went into what is mobile marketing, how it works and how it can help a startup grow and communicate with its audience. Finally, Peter Economides, President of Felix BNI, provided his expertise on the importance of branding and how a startup can use it to establish its identity and engage with its customers.

Attendees also had the chance to find out more about the program and how it can help them create their dream tech company in only 14 weeks by the Director of the Athens Founder Institute, Michalis Stangos.

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