Eleia   possesses   one   of   the   largest   olive   groves   in   Greece   with   around   40.000   trees   in   the   Lechaina   Plains   in   South   Ilia   prefecture.  Our business scenario aims at a vertical operation of   the olive oil route from  the  grove to  the  householders  table.  We   grow and administrate our olive grove ourselves under the guidance   of   specialists.   Our   goal   is   to   become   a   synonym   to   the  most   qualitative   high   end   Greek   Extra   Virgin   Olive   Oil, establish   our company   in   the   gourmet   food   business, but   also   the   general   food industry   worldwide   and   use   the   most   sophisticated   and   innovative   means to become a leader in  the  olive  oil  business  field.