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What is a business concept?

A business concept is a short description of your company and a plan on how you will operate and develop it. The business concept should give a quick overview of the business model, organization and economics of the business.

The purpose of a business concept is to make your business more manageable – both for you, your advisors and potential investors. It can also help to convince the world around you, that you are serious in developing your own company. Remember that the business concept sometimes is what partners and investors first encounter with your business, therefore you could explain why it is attractive to invest money in your business or to choose you as a partner. Often a short business concept is considered better than a very long one. In Creative Business Cup your business concept must not exceed 10 pages. No appendixes are allowed.

The contents of the business concept should – if possible – be based on facts, with references to relevant sources. It is important to support your claims with data describing e.g. market size and growth rates.

business concept template

Judging Criteria
Judging Criteria Creative Business Cup

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The Creative Business Cup (CBC) is the world championship for creative entrepreneurs, which runs in a number of different countries. One winner from each country goes on to compete in the International Creative Business Cup Finals in Copenhagen, Denmark.