“Volunteering Citizens as Response to Social Covid19 Crisis”

Volunteering in Crisis Times

WP5 “Youth Volunteering and Civic Participation”

May 3rd -6th, 2023

The VolontEU event in Greece brought together participants in Crete to address the social consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic on young people. The meeting included introductions, networking, and discussions on supporting affected youth. Volunteering opportunities were explored, and ideas were presented on how society, government, schools, and institutions can provide assistance. Best practices from local volunteering organizations were shared for inspiration and collaboration. The event concluded with an open debate, evaluation report, and a cultural city tour of Heraklion.

Overall, the event reinforced the importance of proactive efforts in supporting young people and highlighted volunteering as a powerful tool for addressing the social consequences of the pandemic and emphasized the significant role of volunteering in providing support and assistance.

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